Hand-N-Hand Supports the Family and the Community
Drum Workshop
HAND-N-HAND - The only organization that provides social and educational programs to deaf and hard of hearing children, birth to school age, in Northeast Wisconsin.

Hand-N-Hand provides the initiative for promoting OPTIMAL AND ON TIME DEVELOPMENT for young children with hearing loss.
  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing Playgroups and Communication Groups nurture speech and language, early literacy, and social and emotional development through the use of total communication (voice and sign language) and auditory/oral communication.
  • Early Support Services foster individual strengths and goals through specialized small group sessions.
  • Music classes enhance communication skills, auditory skills, language skills, cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development, and creativity.
  • Community outings and Parent-N-Parent Networking promote equitable relationships, cultural and personal growth, parenting skills, confidence and empowerment.
Hand-N-Hand is a FAMILY resource.
  • Parents are provided information about available resources and services for their children.
  • Sign language classes help families learn how to communicate with their deaf or hard of hearing family member.
  • Parents discover their potential to create a home environment that furthers their child’s development.
  • Socialization with families whose children are experiencing similar issues reduces stress and fear and helps parents come to a greater understanding of their own child.
  • Scholarships support families with hearing related events.
Hand-N-Hand is a COMMUNITY resource.
  • Workshops increase knowledge about services and supports; funding, technology, educational, medical, communication & language.
  • Presentations about early intervention and hearing loss are offered at local clinics, clubs, and daycare facilities.
  • Individuals meet Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community members, learn about deaf culture, hearing loss and discover resources.
  • A lending library provides use of sign language dictionaries, videos, DVDs, assessment tools, and reference materials.
  • Volunteer opportunities are available for local training programs, students, and community members.  Click here for Volunteer Application.
Hand-N-Hand is IN THE NEWS (Newsletters, newsroom articles, press releases, etc...).

Educational Programs
PARENT & COMMUNITY EDUCATION - Promotes early intervention, awareness and education for young deaf and hard of hearing children, their families and the community.
  • Families socialize with other families who have children with similar needs
  • Children meet other children with hearing aids or cochlear implants
  • Families, children & the community meet and interact with deaf and hard of hearing role models
  • Families, children & the community learn sign language and learn about Deaf culture
  • Families, children & the community intereact with professionals involved in the field of deafness
  • Families and children immerse themselves in music & movement
  • Families and children receive specialized small group support
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DHH Playgroup
DEAF & HARD OF HEARING (DHH) PLAYGROUPS - Provide a fun and educational environment where deaf and hard of hearing children, ages birth to 5+ yrs. and their families have full access to communication through visual, auditory, and/or tactile communication systems. DHH Playgroups include group activities, peer-to-peer socialization, art & snack.  Groups are led by a Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and are open to families who have children with hearing or speech differences. 
ROOTS-N-WINGS (RNW) - Connects a community of peers who share similar life experiences.  RNW meets weekly and teaches children ages 6-12 yrs. basic roots of sign language with opportunities to spread their wings and feel comfortable using the language through games, stories & activities, and highlighted with D/HH community interaction.  Roots-N-Wings classes are led by an Educational Interpreter and are open to HNH families, special circumstances may apply. 
SNP with Baby 2019
SIGN-N-PLAY (SNP) - Playgroup fosters creative play & social experiences for parents and their children in a fun and supportive learning environment that promotes spoken and sign language.  SNP includes peer-to-peer socialization, games, toys, and more.  Make connections, construct friendships, and discover resources through socialization and play!
SNP is open to the community and designed to support families who have children with or without a hearing difference and/or communication delays, infant to age 3. 

PNP Student Panel
PARENT-N-PARENT NETWORKING (PNP) - Facilitates networking opportunities empowering and stimulating the family’s growth and development. Meetings are open to the community, registration required. Interpreter services available upon request.
  • Parents socialize with families who have children with similar needs
  • Parents & the community interact with professionals involved in the field of deafness
  • Motivates and empowers families to best support their young deaf and hard of hearing children
  • Led by a parent facilitator and a deaf educator
  • Guest presenters
  • Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing volunteers play/socialize with the children
PNP Student Panel
PARENT POWER HOUR (PPH) - Facilitates 1-hour discussions to broaden knowledge of ASL and Deaf culture.  Groups are facilitated by a D/HH community member and are held simultaneously with DHH Playgroups.  Parent Power Hour  is open to Hand-N-Hand families.
REGISTRATION FORM - For more information about Parent & Community Education or Outreach programs, send an e-mail or contact us.
Educational Programs & Outreach / Fall 2023 Registration Form
Hand-N-Hand Program Flyer

Circus 2017
COMMUNITY OUTREACH - Hand-N-Hand provides community education and awareness that promotes early intervention and education for young deaf and hard of hearing children and teens, and builds capacity and connections in our community and statewide.
  • Families meet & socialize with other families who have children with similar needs
  • Families, children, teens & the community meet and interact with deaf and hard of hearing role models and learn about Deaf culture
  • Teens meet & socialize among a community of peers with similar life experiences
  • Individuals discover local, State and National resources
  • Families receive financial support for hearing related expenses
  • Community receives education & awareness about hearing loss
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EARLY SUPPORT SERVICES (ESS) - Provide specialized small group sessions for deaf & hard of hearing infants, toddlers & their families to promote on-time development and raise awareness of existing deaf and hard of hearing resources. 
ESS are provided at the Hand-N-Hand Program Center.  ESS are open to the community and may be provided in combination with other programs and services (B-3, Waiver, etc...). Fee for service may apply.
For information about individualized Early Support Services, to inquire about specialized support for your young child who is deaf or hard of hearing, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Jenny Geiken at (920) 737-0477 or jlgeiken@hnhnew.org.
CHATT - Offers free 30-45-minute family-centered Consultation about Hearing, Assistance, and Teaching/Therapy, while promoting awareness of your child’s hearing status, hearing technology, listening, language, development, and applicable resources.
LITTLE LISTENERS (LL) - Assists families in developing a sound foundation for their early listener (18mos.-3yrs.) using auditory/oral communication.  Through play, speech and listening activities, children and parents learn strategies to support listening skills and language development.  Parents have opportunities to share experiences and questions with other families in a supportive environment.  
MUSIC-N-MOTION (MNM) - Enhances learning by promoting communication skills, listening skills, language skills, cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development, and creativity.  Music-N-Motion is led by a Music Therapist and is open to families who have young children with hearing and/or speech differences.
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COMMUNITY OUTINGS - Facilitate opportunities for families to socialize with other families who have children with similar needs as well as the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.
Click here for OUTINGS 2023
For more information about Hand-N-Hand community outings, contact us. If you are requesting an interpreter for any of the outings, please contact us two weeks prior to the scheduled event.
COMMUNITY PRESENTATIONS - Raise awareness of the importance of specialized support for deaf and hard of hearing children. For more information or to request a presentation from Hand-N-Hand, contact us.
DHH Family Conference 2013
SCHOLARSHIPS - Support families with hearing related events. For more information about scholarship opportunities, please contact Jenny Geiken, Hand-N-Hand Program Director.
Click here for the HNH Scholarship Application and Scholarship FAQ.
LENDING LIBRARY - The Hand-N-Hand lending library is located on-site at the Program Center and stocked with sign language books & dictionaries, computer programs, videos & DVDs, assessment tools & reference materials.
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